Savings Plan

Our online savings plan allows you to make regular payments towards your next order. But unlike a standing order or Direct Debit you are in complete control of the money you save.

You can start, pause and stop the payments to suit your financial needs.

Create a savings plan to take a weekly or monthly payment from your debit or credit card on whatever day of the week or date in the month suits you.

When you first setup your savings plan, we take an initial payment to verify your card, and then we take a recurring payment on the day or date you have chosen. Every time we take a payment, you will receive an email confirming the payment and showing your balance.

When you next order oil, we deduct the balance in your savings plan from the order total and you only pay the difference.You can log into your account to see your full savings plan history, and if you have any queries about your payments or balance just call us and we will check your account.


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